Top Ways To Grow Social Media Coverage

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Image of person using popular platform depicting how to grow social media coverage

Are you trying to get traffic to your website or storefront to increase business? Well, there are quite a few ways you can grow social media coverage, get more followers, and get more business: through social media!

Billions of people are surfing the web every day and have yet to recognize your business because it is hidden. So, what you need to do is get out in the open! We will give you at least 5 tried and true ways of getting more business through social media.

If you have not done so already, create social media pages through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Not all businesses use all of these platforms, however, since there are different audience bases for each. These are very common websites that people frequently use throughout the day. Make sure your material for these sites is engaging and fits your business theme.

Now that you have your social media all set up, you need to post on these sites at least once a day. In 2017, a visual marketing tool, called Tailwind, found that the more often posts are made on Instagram, the more likes and followers people will get. Profiles that posted seven or more times a week received more likes and gained more followers faster than those who did not post as frequently.

Being consistent with what you post will help you establish a solid brand image. Being consistent means that the tone of your social media posts, interactions, etc., align with the brand image you have already established. The only exception is with a rebranding strategy, where everything changes. Everything should lead back to the brand’s hub whether it is imagery like the cover photo, product pictures, or logo.

Creating engaging content is another way of gaining followers and having consistent interaction with clients. This comes as a no-brainer, really, but the catch is to avoid going for cliches or trending concepts because they can become stale fast. While originality gives you a strong identity, it is easier to go for proven concepts when you are starting out. Remember that at least 10% of everything you post has to be promotional and that visuals make the content enticing.

Connecting with people within the circles you operate, be it industry leaders, influencers, or people with complementary businesses, will help you build a bank of relevant followers to your products. They might be the same people your audience is following, and through following them, you can benefit from referrals and recommendations in circles that you would not have reached on your own. Explore features like tagging, sharing, and engaging with them on their posts to develop a relationship.

Take advantage of paid advertising and sponsored posts to reach a wider audience. Once you have established your accounts, completed the profiles, and followed the steps above, you can consider using paid advertising to engage with a new targeted audience. Explore tools such as Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, LinkedIn advertising, etc., depending on where the bulk of your target audience is.

Engage your audience with LIVE videos, YouTube how-to’s, and Stories. Sometimes it helps when people get to put a face, personality, or person to the business or content. In a state-of-social report, 35% of people said they think posting Instagram stories every day increases traffic, while 22.6% of people said they think it is very effective. So, in short, using these outlets, combined with posting every day, should increase traffic.

Using quality hashtags is very important as it links your content with other popular, more frequently searched content. Simply Measured did two studies and found that Instagram posts with both hashtags and locations get the highest average engagement. This could be your best bet for growing a fast following on Instagram. According to TrackMaven, the optimal number of hashtags for getting maximum engagement is about nine. Free Instagram tools like Focal mark and AutoHash can give quality hashtags that are relevant to your business.

Collaborate with others. Once you start to get some followers, it might be a good idea to collaborate with them on some ideas. Reach out and ask for other peoples’ opinions or ideas for new content. If your business sells products, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for ideas on what new products you should create. You could even collaborate with more popular or well-known people on social media for advice on reaching a new audience.

Growth in your social media coverage is likely to translate to increased traffic on your website. With these simple techniques, you can improve your conversion and click-through rates and increase your sales volume without taking too much of your time. Growing your social media coverage can be one of your long-term plans to generate recurring income for your business.

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