What are QR Codes and How Do They Work?

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So, what are QR Codes? While they may simply look like squares with weird patterns, QR codes are capable of both storing data and providing that data to your clients at a moment’s notice. You’ve seen them on packages, but did you know that your business can also benefit from them? Let’s find out below.

To start with, you must know that QR is short for Quick Response. So, a QR code is like a bar code; only it can be read and recognized by any digital machine that stores data in pixel form. The advantage of QR codes is that they can be read by being scanned at dynamic angles. This means, unlike bar codes that require a specific angle, that a simple scan on a smartphone camera is enough to capture all the necessary data. Because many smartphones come with inbuilt QR code readers, QR codes have become a staple in marketing and advertising.

A QR code is a little bit more versatile, allowing you to store essentially any kind of information you like. The most popular use is displaying a website URL to help a consumer get further information about your product or service. You can find plenty of QR code generators online. You can link your QR code to a website, blog, or social media profile to enable quick authentication on your site, send payment info, store product descriptions, and much more in this form. They are typically best used for media like business cards or table tents like you would see in restaurants and brochures.

You can display QR codes in plenty of ways. If it contains contact details, you can have them printed on the back of your business card. Alternatively, you can put them on your product packaging if they contain links to other gadgets, serial numbers, service information among other critical information you want your clients to have. Furthermore, you can use them on TV ads, social media posts, online ads, or inventory tags.

To use a QR code, simply bring up a QR code app you can find on nearly any app store, or open the camera on your Apple device, and scan the code with your device. Experiment with the convenience of being able to use your mobile device to scan a QR code anywhere with a trip through town!

When a consumer sees a billboard or brochure, instead of sitting and fumbling with typing in a full web address, they can simply scan the code. The code can then take them to the destination without any additional effort.

An important thing to remember about using QR codes is that you will want to make sure your website is fully mobile optimized. They will be using mobile devices to scan these codes, and the destination will need to load properly on their phone. If not, it could leave a bad first impression (it may just be the last!).

Use QR codes to promote the launch of a new business or product, call your audience to action, or several other marketing strategy devices. All are meant to grow the presence of your brand and are made much more convenient for potential customers with QR codes.

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This post was originally published on 3/14/2017 and updated on 8/31/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

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