What are QR Codes and How Do I Use Them?

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Have you ever asked “What are QR codes?” Today we are going to talk about QR codes, how you can use them, and how they actually work from an end user’s standpoint. What QR code stands for is Quick Response. It is very similar to a bar code. We’re all familiar with going to the grocery store and the cashier scans an item through, and it picks up the bar code on a particular item. Those are called UPCs, or Universal Product Codes.

A QR code is a little bit more versatile, ant it allows you to store essentially any kind of information that you like. Typically, the most popular use is currently right now that you’re going to start seeing is it’s a way to display a website URL, to take somebody for further information.

There are all sorts of QR code generators online. They can be made with personal links, such as to your blog or social media profile. You can go to the generator website, create them, and print them off. They are typically best used for business cards, table tents like you would see in restaurants, brochures, even on product material.

To use a QR code, simply bring up a QR code app you can find on nearly any app store, or open the camera on your Apple device, and scan the code with your device. The convenience of being able to use your mobile device to scan a QR code anywhere can be demonstrated by a trip through town. Let’s say you see a billboard or a brochure, and then sitting and fumbling with typing in a full web address, you can simply scan the code wherever you see it.

An important thing to remember about using QR codes is that you will want to make sure that the website your customers will be taken to is fully mobile optimized. They will be using mobile devices to scan these codes, and the destination will need to load properly on their phone or it will leave a bad impression.

Use QR codes to promote the launch of a new business or product, to call your audience to action to learn more information about your business or product, or several other marketing strategies meant to grow the presence of your brand. If you are looking to grow awareness of your brand, choose your Online Capital Group, now! We will work to increase your online presence and help your brand reach the top spot in your competition. Give us a call at (904) 600-3600, today!