How to Get Found on Google Search Results in 6 Easy Steps

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Illustration of Google search results depicting ranking high with digital marketing SEO strategy

Submit Your Website URL to Google

This may seem like a no brainer, but just because you built it does not mean that they will come. Google has a lot of people just like you wanting to be found, and if you don’t tell them your open for business, they have no clue you exist.

It is estimated that Google indexes only .004% of all of the internet. That is to say that only .004% is even searchable using Google’s search algorithm. So let the people know right away, or you may never be found in Google search results!

1. Use the correct Keywords

Keywords are categories for how websites get found on Google. It looks for more than 200 different criteria in order to help other users find just what they are looking for from their Google search results. A misuse of keywords can mean the difference between being lost online or being a star online.

2. Optimize for RankBrain Google Search Results

Google takes on 3.5 billion searches per day, 15% of them unique. It is RankBrain’s job to filter Google search results for the end user. RankBrain does this by searching for relevant questions and answers. Once found, it teaches itself how to interpret what people find relevant and delivers them what it thinks is their best match.

3. Don’t skip Meta Tags

Meta tags don’t affect SEO like they once did, but they do help your audience better understand what is in the page they might click on. This is a great way for passers-by that don’t know you to get important information quickly about who you are and why they might want to work with you.

4. Get the word out on Local Directories

Back in the day when AOL was king and we all paid by the second (or so it seemed) for the internet to beep and scream at us, we had both the Yellow Pages and White Pages. It is hard to believe we were once able to find people to do work like plumbing and roofing searching on this huge machine that weighed a ton.

You currently have the option to submit your company to Google via the Google My Business platform. The great news is that 97% of consumers still look up local businesses online. By making sure that your NAP information is correct (Name, Address, and Phone Number), you can be up and running in Google search results in as little as a few days.

5. Building your website for the future AKA Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Your online presence is more important than it has ever been. Today, more people own websites than there are physical buildings. Even the biggest store brands know that their website is one of the best investments they can make moving forward. Amazon surpassed Walmart earlier this year in ranking, and they do 99% of their business online. That all being said, 79% of all smartphone users have made a purchase online using their phone or tablet in the last 6 months.

This information about Google search results gives even more reason to have mobile-friendly pages. 80% of shoppers that are in stores use their phones to compare prices or look up reviews while they shop. Don’t pass up these opportunities by neglecting to invest in your website. These practices are great for improving your online presence, not just for how to get found on Google. By addressing all of these factors, you will increase your searchability, visibility, and user experience convenience in Google search results.

As always, if you find yourself biting off more than you can chew, OCGnow is ready to jump in to help take control of your online presence. Rank with your competition at the top of Google search results or simply be found easier by potential customers. Call or text us at 904-600-3600, visit our website at

This post was originally published on 7/25/2019 and updated on 1/26/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

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