The Pros & Cons of Humor in Marketing

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Pros and cons of humor in marketing

Humor in marketing. This approach certainly calls for a lot more planning and important things to consider than your average knock-knock joke. Listed below are what we define to be the positives and negatives of using humor in marketing your product or service:



A great campaign not only sells your brand and ideas, it sets the tone of your company in a memorable way. After grabbing the consumer’s attention, it plants a seed that will stick with them through their entire buyer’s journey.

People love to spread laughter

We live in a fast pace world equipped with short attention spans. We want what we want and we want it now. That being said, something people still slow down for is for a good laugh. It makes the most sense that you engage them with humor and who knows, you might have a chance to go viral.

Funny brands are more relatable

Laughter is universal, even though all people find several different types of things funny. Laughing is about reacting to the things we find funny, whether it takes thought or not. More often than not, the reason we find something funny is that we can relate to it. The more it “clicks” with us, the stronger our reaction will be.

Humor in marketing is linked to higher recall

A connection becomes even stronger when we also experience an emotional reaction to what is engaging us. The less control we have over that reaction means the more impactful it will be! If you make them laugh, they will no doubt remember you.


Cracking jokes just for attention

Most of us can sniff out a fake, and it just feels wrong when we do it. It can leave an awkward air about the whole situation. So if your making jokes just to jump on a bandwagon, your consumers might be turned off by it.
You may find your brand more estranged from your audience than before you engaged them! There is a reason why not all body wash companies sell like the Old Spice commercials.

Humor Can Communicate Immaturity

Some industries should stay away from comedy in order to maintain a more clinical approach. For instance, health care companies, or other industries that deal with life and death situations, would want to avoid using humor in marketing. They can more easily preserve and convey their professionalism.

Humor Can Be Outright Offensive

There are particular niche audiences that can appreciate a humorously offensive approach. These audiences require the most authenticity and can best receive you when there is a strong foundation of brand loyalty. You might attract more flies with honey than with vinegar, but certain animals can really appreciate the remedies vinegar provides.

With as many opinions and approaches to communicating the ideas you want your consumers to get on board with, it is important to make an online reputation for yourself that can succeed. Choose OCGnow to market your product or service and build advertising that will resonate. Give us a call today at (904) 600-3600 to learn more.

OCGnow Digital Marketing Infographic Explaining Humor in Marketing
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