The Benefits of Marketing for Healthcare Provider Practices

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Many business owners that are often prompted to consider how marketing can positively impact their business are from industries we may commonly think of, like restaurants or retail. Some industries like healthcare, however, can also majorly benefit from marketing for healthcare provider services to the public. Local areas may provide an individual with a slew of surrounding dentists or doctors to choose from, and it is possible for your clinic to become lost in the competition.

With the world fast adopting the internet in most processes, communication is taking a different approach. Industries such as healthcare have to adapt quickly to the current trends in the digital world. The wave of digital migration has rendered traditional marketing such as print obsolete. Therefore, healthcare professionals have to embrace the internet as a channel of communicating with patients.

Are you a healthcare provider who is unsure whether using digital marketing to grow your brand is the right move? Below are some reasons why you may want to fully embrace digital marketing for healthcare provider services.

1. Receiving Feedback

Digital marketing helps increase direct communication between a healthcare provider and the patients. Strategies such as click-to-call (CTC) help boost patient engagement. Ease of communication directly between healthcare professionals and the patient helps boosts the patient’s confidence.

Patient reviews and recommendations, which are great for both you as a provider and for your image to the public, can be obtained through digital marketing. You will be able to improve the quality of your care by considering criticism and gaining the public’s trust when getting positive reviews on your website, social media platforms, review sites, and local directory listings.

2. Increase Trust of Your Brand

It requires trust for people to put their health in the hands of another person. Patients will choose doctors that include them in what is going on with their health, readily offering education on diseases and their treatments. Utilizing digital marketing tools like social media, blog posts, and search engines, your brand can help make potential patients feel more secure. Using digital marketing to create awareness, pass information and educate people for free is one way through which how a healthcare provider can earn their trust.

3. Establish your Healthcare Brand

Consistently engaging with the community around you and offering them ways to engage with you helps solidify your brand in the space around you. Some digital marketing opportunities such as those found by utilizing tools like online seminars and workshops will help a healthcare provider outperform their competitors. Internal events within the clinic could also be made public for your audience to help create a bond by getting to know your brand more deeply.

4. Lowers the Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Digital marketing will help healthcare providers cut their cost per patient acquisition (CPA) by almost half. A lower CPA will positively affect the business by increasing the return on investment (ROI). Television and print media are two of the most used traditional marketing methods and have a CPA of more $300+. However, using digital marketing strategies like lead generation will not only cut the CPA by half, but will also give the healthcare provider a direct reach to more people. Reaching a bigger target audience helps increase business awareness.

5. Improves Patient Experience

Healthcare providers can use digital marketing tools and strategies to easily connect their brand with the patients that require their services. Ease of access to a provider is reassuring to a patient and saves them from a lot of stress. Digital tools can be used to keep track of patients, their medical history, medications, and also send out timely checkup reminders. Proper use of the digital marketing process will help improve the patient experience, increasing your patient retention, positive reviews, and referrals.

6. Access to Data Improves the Decision-Making Process

Unlike traditional broadcast, digital analytics gives healthcare providers access to accurate data that allows them to specify their targets based on demographics, age, gender, or certain behaviors. For example, a dentist can easily focus on patients with a toothache which helps streamlines the patient acquisition process.

Using data from digital marketing strategies, healthcare providers can also make data-driven decisions on how to improve their service delivery. Using data, providers can also track and analyze the effectiveness of each digital marketing strategy.

These are just a few of the many ways a healthcare organization, whether big or small, can benefit from digital marketing services. It is clear that digital marketing for healthcare provider could be a great investment for your practice and brand. If you are a healthcare provider, or are part of a team, that wants to help increase awareness of your services, give OCGnow a call today at (904) 600-3600 and schedule a free consultation!

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