Digital Marketing In Your Living Room – Voice Engine Optimization

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SEO has been longstanding as one of the most competitive and strategic arenas for being found online. The algorithms and approaches to the words that help consumers find your business carry a lot of weight and carry nearly all the purpose of local marketing. There is, however, a new kid in town that drastically rising in popularity. That is SEO’s close cousin, VEO, or Voice Engine Optimization.

It is estimated by big names in the media industry that by the year 2020 50% of all search queries will have been submitted by voice. The market for the devices that are designed to hands-free search at the utmost convenience to the consumer is growing rapidly, being made much more available in homes across the country. VEO is gaining the attention of top brands as a means to more deeply market their products and generate more interaction with consumers.

Marketing strategies are being tailored to include techniques to capture the benefits of voice searches. SEO language is being written in a much more casual and everyday conversational language that is most likely to be asked to a voice-activated device or software. Written searches are more apt to be more lengthy with specific detail, but make them no more driven than their voice search counterpart, there is just simply a different environment that the queries are coming from.

For example, a group of friends might be debating the quality of their favorite pair of street shoes to another, and ask a personal assistant device located in their living room for some simple information about the two brands. On the other hand, that same individual might look for some answers to more specific questions about the shoes on their own time. Both searches are driven by the intent to learn more about the product, and could just as well result in a purchase decision in both instances.

For more information about how to take advantage of both SEO and Voice Engine Optimization techniques for your business and to increase your online presence, contact OCGnow at (904) 600-3600 to help grow the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.