The Two Way Relationship of Franchise Marketing

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Local brick and mortar stores depicting franchise marketing

Businesses with a single owner are usually under much more control from that owner. This can mean a majority of the production and other functions are done by the owner themself, or the management is directly hired by the owner. The tabs are kept through the methods they choose.

A franchise-based business isn’t much different, though there are several of these “owners” that become responsible for the extensions of the company. One aspect we are going to look at is franchise marketing. There are two sides to the marketing strategies developed by a franchise-based company, and they are categorized as the following:

Franchisor Marketing

Marketing plans that are put into place for the overall franchise image are usually set by the franchisor or franchise owner. The brand is established at this level, setting the tone for the overall mood and voice of the company that the franchisees will then represent in production. There is also a collective fund used to fuel system-wide marketing efforts.

Franchisee Marketing

The role a franchisee plays in marketing is done at a level that is local to their branch or location. A promotion specific to their location, such as an opening day sale, is one example of this. These marketing campaigns must be submitted for approval or are co-developed by the franchise owner or franchisor.

Another common practice for franchise marketing is distinguished in company guidelines. Usually, a certain amount of the total sales accumulated by the franchisee must be allocated to fund the marketing strategies.

The best thing about marketing for a franchise-operated business is the freedom of expression despite there being an overall brand image to uphold. Every franchisee gets to implement their own spin or take on how to go about promoting that brand to their customers. They can retain some entrepreneurial autonomy without owning the business as a whole outright.

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