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Marketing strategies are being honed every year to accommodate the most recent trends, habits, and behaviors that consumers use while looking for products (whether they know it or not!). New technologies and devices change the way information is consumed by consumers, as well as what information brands receive about them. One such search stands above many others when it comes to the local search. It is the near me search.

This type of search is made when a consumer makes a search query that includes the words “near me” after the initial keywords. What this format does is cue Google to provide that individual with results that are targeted to their closest position. These results are designed for utmost convenience.

This methodology of searching has skyrocketed in popularity. Having become a mainstream form of search, it has been integrated into mobile devices that are carried around with consumers wherever they go.

Marketing recognizes the need to capitalize on the pinpoint moments when someone asks for immediate information about a want or need that has just arisen. The crucial timeframe, albeit very small, is prime real estate for a local marketer to invest in achieving their online presence.

The following digital marketing strategies can help increase your brand recognition:

  1. SEO is most important when it comes to optimizing your website and brand content to be found in location-based searches like these. Be sure to include the name of your location and other keywords that highlight your whereabouts.
  2. They can help increase the online presence of your brand. Publish your information on as many search outlets and directories as possible, such as Google My Business and Yellow Pages.
  3. Building an archive of steadily incoming positive reviews to build even more clout for your brand.

If your brand could use a boost, like capturing the digital real estate of relevant inquiries like the local search near me, give your Online Capital Group a call Now at (904) 600-3600. We can help evaluate your current digital marketing strategies and make your investment in your online capital count!

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