Who is My Ideal Customer? Buyer Persona Marketing

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This post was originally published on 6/16/2020 and updated on 12/15/2020 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

You have developed your marketing services, but who are the ones you market to? Asking “Who is my ideal customer?” is part of the marketing journey to be able to identify who you are marketing to. A buyer persona is a very crucial topic in the business of marketing, as it has a large influence in how a business does its business.

A bookstore would not likely market in the same way to their own target market as to that of a skateboard fashion outlet. You might as well close the doors on your marketing efforts if you neglect to work on this part of the process. Let’s take a look at how to figure out who this target market audience is so you can create an effective buyer persona.

The most basic foundation begins with the question, “who needs our business?” Your product or service is geared around solving a problem or providing a benefit. Knowing who is looking for either of those will tell you who it is meant for. Once this type of person is identified, you will want to know a lot about them. Some examples of what to collect information about include their average income, where they choose to shop, where they like to spend time, what their usual family structures are like, etc.

Putting all of this information together in a comprehensive way will create a resource that will point all marketing efforts from that point forward in the right direction. This is called a buyer persona. That goes for every email, social media post, and more will be able to be tailored to the ideal people that will be looking to buy from you. What better way to increase your campaigns’ effectiveness and increase sales than to speak directly to those who want to buy from you?

Don’t hold back when it comes to developing your buyer persona. Give them a name! Perhaps you decide the ideal name of your client is Rebecca. As you are thinking about who Rebecca is, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does she need from my company today?
  • What kind of content would she see online that would connect with her today?
  • What problems is she most likely facing today?
  • How could my product or service help her out today?

Psychographics is the term for analyzing groups of people. Similar to demographics, these analyses are based on emotions, attitudes, and aspirations instead of locations. Questions to ask about Rebecca to gain a batter understanding of her habits might sound like this:

  • Why does she spend money?
  • Why does she prefer to shop online or in a retail store?
  • How does she usually feel most of the time?
  • What is it she usually complains about?
  • Why does she find it important to do what she does?

Lastly, you can utilize plenty of resources to identify who is already buying from your business. This will help to give you a real-time idea of those that are being drawn to buy from you. Look through your social media followers, for example, and seek trends that can provide insight into what kinds of people they are. Look for consistent age groups, marital statuses, family sizes, and more. 

This insight can prove especially impactful when it is derived from the top competitors in your industry! Find a brand that already has a large customer base and look into what trends exist there. This will help you know the audience to market to that is already in place where you want your brand to be! Gaining insight on a buyer persona they have created can also be beneficial.

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