Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchise Businesses

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The topic of today’s post is franchise marketing. Particularly to using data to build out your brand as it pertains to digital marketing strategies for franchise businesses and how you can connect all your franchises with branded content.

First off, there are some main pieces of collateral that franchises need to be able to share with their franchisees in the digital marketing landscape. The first of these things is the consistency they can achieve with their branding. This goes both for what you’re putting out at your store location and how that is consistent with what you are putting out on your website. 

Every location may or not be different. You may use a corporate pricing structure or an individual pricing structure. All of that is dependent on the relationship between the two major parts. Essentially, branding is what makes a franchise a franchise.

The online presence of a franchise is crucial for its reputation and presentation. If you’ve ever seen websites utilized for franchisers, you can notice there are two different strategies. There is a sub-domain strategy where each individual franchise has a unique URL with individual sites customized for those locations. 

Another strategy is a corporate website strategy with a simple landing page with some relevant information about that location. A positive characteristic of utilizing a website for your franchise comes with the ease of indexing and organizing your franchise’s structure.

When marketing your franchise online, the benefit of digitally managing your locations is incredibly high. For example, say you’re marketing a restaurant franchise and identify a special deal or offer from a competitor or other successful restaurant working well. You can push that deal or offer to all of your franchisees for them to implement into their running specials and omit them for locations where it would not be as relevant.

If you are interested in doing paid advertising, how would you apply that strategy to multiple franchise locations? For paid advertising, each location will have a slightly different demographic and target audience. These digital marketing strategies for franchise businesses would be best done with an individualized campaign for each location, creating scalable and adaptable solutions.

Digital marketing has created opportunities for franchise owners to not only manage their multiple locations and clients, but to market with the most efficiency as well. Calls to action, split testing, promotional campaigns, and branding strategies can be implemented across the board or easily customized per location.

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This post was originally published on 11/10/2019 and updated on 12/17/2020 for accuracy and a broader scope of information.

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