What is Online Reputation Management and Monitoring?

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Online reputation. Those are the words that embody every profile, piece of content, and strategy that has been executed online to represent your brand on the world wide web. This reputation has grown to be so important to consumers during their shopping, statistics have stated that over 80% of shoppers take to Google searches for assessing a business’ online presence prior to making a purchase. That being said, online reputation won’t grow itself (of course it may seem like it does if any negative opinions start spreading like wildfire!) and must be managed to garner success. 

In order to manage your online reputation, and essentially achieve a good relationship between your business and your customers, you must have a connection with the relationship the public has with your company as well as the one it has with itself. You are off to a good start when these two things are already close to one another and have achieved great harmony with your audience when they’re nearly identical. 

PR, or public relations, was the spearhead of more traditional marketing practices from years ago. While they most definitely still have their place today in the marketing mix today, they are no longer the primary outlet for spreading updates about company activity or public messages. As the immense amount of channels for people to talk to one another online has increased, so have your opportunities to get people talking about your business.

Now, with all of the social media channels, local business directory ratings, and many other ways people are stating their opinions about the products and services they receive, it is necessary to do the work to monitor all of the feedback being given about your brand. For now, here are the two most impactful areas to keep a lookout in:

1. Social Media

By probing around the social media landscape through filtered searches and other means, companies can learn more about the reputation they have with their audiences. They can also respond to any negative feedback that may otherwise spiral out of control and leave an ugly mark on the face of the brand. Don’t forget about the strength that lies in utilizing constructive feedback for customer-centric improvements to strengthen loyalty!

2. Online Searches

Analyzing search data will give you a front-row seat kind of look at how people are associating your brand with solving their problems, or if they think it creates them! You can delve into trends to learn more about where your brand can make a difference, or find pathways of information that would be very beneficial to any campaigns.

When it comes to efficiently monitoring and managing your reputation, there is a whole slew of automatic tools out there you can purchase to help. While they may offer some more sight into the data out there, they are very limited in their interpretation of the data as well as offering a genuine human approach to connecting with any communities. It takes both financial and personal investment into managing your online reputation for establishing a long-lasting connection with your audience. You can count on your Online Capital Group to help you put your best foot forward while paying close attention to what is being said about your brand on both local and widescale levels. We aren’t afraid to dive in and get messy for a great outcome. 

Want to know more about how we can help gain attention to your brand? Give us a call today at (904) 600-3600 and schedule an evaluation of your current online presence today!

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