Facebook Ads Marketing & How To Convert

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The Facebook Ads marketing platform is very in-depth and functions with a lot of intricacies. Despite this fact, even novices can navigate the user-friendly platform. It is the strength of the strategy that counts, for without one, an experienced professional could soon feel lost in all of the variables of Facebook Ads marketing.

Why Are My Facebook Ads Not Working?

Facebook is not a sales platform, it is a social platform, right? Some people think that Facebook advertising works like any other kind of advertising. This can cause you to end up posting a product that does not always equate to sales.
You have to take into consideration the mindset of the user when making your ads.

If a user is searching for funny videos, they may not want to see an advertisement selling them a cool new deodorant stick. Instead, your audience may want to see a funny video that promotes the said deodorant stick.

Rest assured, your audience is most likely not looking for someone to sell them a product while watching or surfing through their friend’s interactions on Facebook. The campaigns you create with Facebook are structured only to be shown in relevant areas to relevant audiences. This way, you don’t have to worry about your brand image showing up in the wrong places.

Check out this list of top agencies that have the best practices for creating effective Facebook ad marketing strategies.

Let’s Think About Your First Facebook Ad

Instead of targeting your audience with ads that request them to purchase something, consider establishing the authority and value of the product or service instead. This can be done by offering something for free.

This approach gives your consumer a chance to get to know you as well as an opportunity for you to collect valuable data like emails and contact information. The newly acquired information can be used in future marketing endeavors to send important updates, coupons, or simply allow you to communicate directly with them later on.

A very effective way to achieve this type of ad is to create a landing page with an option for leads and tracking for website conversions.

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