The Benefits of Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

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Billboard message depicting the benefits of digital marketing

As you may know, Digital Marketing has not always been the mainstream form of marketing to consumers. Marketing has its roots far back in history, prior to even the development of many rudimentary writing systems.

A more recent time frame of marketing, referred to as “traditional marketing”, is still functioning today but it is making way for the progression of today’s digital marketing. Some examples of traditional marketing are newspaper ads, display ads, and broadcasting faxing. Digital Marketing is growing in scale and effectiveness right along with the entire digital age of information our world is now in.

The following reasons explain the benefits of digital marketing and why it is superior to traditional marketing:

Digital marketing makes targeting your consumer audience far more accurate and efficient.

An example of traditional marketing exacting brand awareness can be seen in the use of a large billboard at the side of the road. The sign is large and can look appealing, but there is no way to measure who or how many people have seen it. With digital marketing, you can precisely target exactly who you want to see your offer, website, or business.

Keywords help digital marketers display their advertisements in the places they know their buyers will be. This is true whether they are searching for a category of products and services or information about either. For example, Facebook is a social media platform that allows you to target your consumer audience by specific location, occupation, or interests. Having access to this information helps deliver marketing efforts directly in front of potential customers.

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Digital Marketing allows us to track the efficiency of crafted campaigns and other efforts.

There were methods of tracking results done with traditional marketing. For example, in direct mailing physical advertisements such as fliers and offer forms. If a brand sent out 5,000 offer forms and received 1,500 order forms back, they knew the return on their investment through the numbers of returns.

Digital marketing makes tracking extremely detailed and accurate by data aggregation online. Information can tell what movie a customer had watched, what particular offer they opted into, and at what stage they might have canceled their purchase. This allows for the adaptations to be made to the campaign at nearly any stage to increase the conversion or sales rate of the offer.

Digital Marketing gives us the opportunity to avoid the cost of edits or changes we need to make.

As is the case with traditional marketing, the amount of work involved with printing, organizing, distributing, and filing printed media can be immense. If there are changes made to your campaign or brand image that need to be reflected by the marketing materials, a whole new slew of materials will need to be printed. This can also leave a bulk of outdated materials left to waste after the revision.

Gaining the competitive edge with the benefits of digital marketing is a must-have for businesses in this digital age. Of course, digital marketing strategies alone won’t do the trick, as the trends and guidelines are frequently changing! This means staying up to date on your digital marketing is crucial.

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