What Is The Best Digital Marketing Strategy?

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If you want your business to grow exponentially, you need a powerhouse digital marketing strategy. This being true, one motivated business owner might just think to ask, “What is the best digital marketing strategy?” A collection of the most common digital marketing strategies can offer the answer, so read on below to unlock this mystery!

Content Marketing Strategy

One of the digital marketing strategies with top levels of return is content marketing. When done correctly, content marketing drives inbound customer engagement and organic search. Content is distributed across the internet in key locations, where it attracts the desired audience of consumers. This is an effective strategy for businesses because content marketing can appeal to many different kinds of buyers. These buyers will not only be interested in your product or service, but they will also be more likely to engage with your brand.

While it may seem difficult to stay on top of your content marketing efforts, creating and distributing content consistently will yield results. With a good content marketing strategy, you’ll be able to identify what kind of content works best and when. Having a conversion funnel in place will help track your journey and determine the most valuable content for your customers.

SEO Marketing Strategy

When seeking out the best digital marketing strategy, you will find that SEO is a must-have. However, it doesn’t mean that simply creating a website with written content on it is going to be enough. To achieve the results you need, your content has to be optimized to meet the standards of popular search engine algorithms. Otherwise, they pass up your website in the search results, meaning potential customers will also.

While the amount of SEO you implement in your strategy can be on the lesser side of the scale or the greater, it is all around a heavily important and effective strategy for your digital marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Strategy

With over 293 billion emails sent each day, email marketing is a strongly efficient way to reach customers (whether they open your messages or not is another story!). It is an affordable approach to building relationships with customers and enhancing brand awareness. With the help of automation, email marketing can be made a rather cost-effective strategy for promoting your products and services, engaging with your audience, and reaching business goals.

Personalization is an increasingly important feature of an email marketing strategy. While basic personalization features are still common, more sophisticated options are showing an increased return from subscribers. One such method is sending personalized content based on the subscribers’ actions and interests. Regardless of your business’ size, email marketing can help you reach your audience no matter where they live. In addition, email marketing for brands can increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Owned Media Strategy

Owned media is a mighty digital marketing method for targeting loyal customers. It can be an effective way to display new products, promotions, and information to existing customers and get more return purchases. Before deciding on an owned media strategy, it is important to consider who your audience is and what they care about.

As an example, your website is one of the most substantial and longest-term pieces of owned media. It can grow and scale with the rest of your business. Social media platforms are also owned media, and by sharing content on them, your brand can build a relationship with a large targeted audience. Create as much owned media as possible, because more of it will mean more chances of connecting with users online.

Paid Media Strategy

If you’re wondering how to make a paid media strategy work for your business, you can start by understanding how it differs from the owned media mentioned above. Paid media is, well, marketing you pay for! (Yes, you purchase a website, but it has to be developed and maintained, unlike advertisements.) 

The goal of paid media is to boost your brand’s exposure and improve overall engagement with your product or company. By paying for different types of paid media simultaneously, companies can promote their brand and product on several platforms at once. 

This helps increase your chances of engaging with your customers on multiple platforms. Many options are paid-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-impression advertisements, which means the website owner is only charged when someone engages with their advertisement in a positive way. Hence, paid media!

So, Which Strategy Really Is The Best?

Believe it or not, all digital marketing elements are interconnected and ultimately need to work together to create the best approach. While they are strong in their own right for helping increase your online presence in a particular area, it takes many different elements to support each other for success.

For example, blog articles can inspire email marketing campaigns, drive paid ads, and house premium content. By integrating all of these elements, you’ll create a comprehensive marketing plan that satisfies your customers’ needs. This approach will be more effective than any individual form of advertising, including paid media like traditional print and TV ads. Additionally, using content marketing in conjunction with SEO methods will bring many new eyeballs to your website that regular content wouldn’t rank for on search engines.

Achieving the best digital marketing strategy is done by incorporating all of the other strategies mentioned above into a comprehensive approach. Planning your strategy carefully and using the right combination of several, if not all, of the techniques will ensure the greatest success. 

For help with creating a powerhouse digital marketing strategy, give your Online Capital Group a call at (904) 600-3600 today. We will evaluate your current online presence and digital marketing efforts and work with you to implement a strategy that encompasses all of the value your brand has achieved thus far. It won’t be long until we grow it to greatness and help you rank with your competitors! 

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