The Benefits of Digital Marketing For Personal Trainers

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Niche industries have a lot to gain from the benefits of digital marketing. Personal trainers do a lot of one-on-one work with people looking to change their lives, yet overlooking online possibilities for their business would be a mistake! As a personal trainer, it is important in some situations to develop a more personal profile for potential customers to be able to see. The benefits don’t stop there; continue to read below for some reasons it is worth investing in digital marketing for your business. 

Choose Social Media As An Effective Business Tool

Gaining a following on social media by generating content users are looking for can prove to be a powerful tool. Using Facebook or Twitter, your brand can provide motivational quotes or other mood-boosting content that compliment your services. Reach prospective clients in the comfort of their own homes by popping up on their streams while they continue to engage with your industry.

Another great way to reach your audience on social media is to regularly post some positive results of your services. For example, impressive shots of weight loss achievements or drastic before and after shots for emphasis. They are a great way to demonstrate progress for prospective clients and create a strong connection with them. Alternatively, you can post new offers, insight from actual training sessions, and increase your amount of bookings over social media as well!

Stay Personal With Clients By Using Email 

If you’re looking to increase your personal training business online, one of the best ways to do this is with email marketing. According to a recent study by Adobe, 83 percent of consumers prefer receiving marketing emails over social media announcements or updates. That’s great news because more people have email accounts than ever before. With more people using email as a medium of communication, personal trainers can more easily reach their audiences this way.

Follow these three tips when utilizing an email campaign for the best results:

  1. Make sure to deliver quality content and create a personalized email signature. 
  2. If you want to get more leads, make sure your newsletter contains your contact information. Email marketing is an easy way to build your email list and make your business more visible. 
  3. There are many email marketing tools available, but you’ll need to choose the right ones for your business. For help with the best approach to email marketing, give your Online Capital Group a call at (904) 600-3600.

Turn to PPC for a Low-Cost Form of Advertising

There are many benefits of PPC digital marketing for personal trainers. Not only is it a low-cost solution, but it’s also highly targeted. By analyzing how often your ads are clicked, you’ll be able to get the most for your advertising budget. Targeting potential customers that are already searching for personal trainers, as well as adjacent solutions for their weight loss problems, can help increase your exposure to the right people. 

Personal Stories Can Turn Up The Volume

You can use personal stories as a tool in your personal training digital marketing to highlight client successes. Stories help humanize your image and encourage people to work with you. Social media is the most personal of all platforms, which again makes them an excellent way to connect with your clients. Share your story through Instagram or Facebook, or through articles on your website and blog. Make your content as inspirational and educational as possible.

You can weave your personal story throughout all of your marketing materials to connect with potential clients and evoke an emotional response. A biography is a great place to tell your story, and it helps to summarize your brand. Personal stories are effective in digital marketing for personal trainers because they’re easy to create and are very impactful. 

Build Your Brand With Blog Posts

Blogging is a great tool for personal trainers looking to build their brand. It gives them the opportunity to express their opinions and share valuable knowledge with their audience. As a bonus, blogging also makes it easy to monitor their presence online. It’s important to stay vigilant and be aware of what people are talking about in your industry because this can make it possible for you to react quickly to good or bad conversation. Do a quick Google search for your name or blog title to get a feel for your online presence.

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so make sure you offer real value your audience can use, not just feed their egos. While it can be easy to get caught up in the ‘followers’ aspect of blogging, keep in mind that your brand’s success is not only measured by the number of followers you have. It is largely in part due to the depth of the connections you’ve built. Building a following takes time and a commitment to connecting with people on a personal level.

For help with developing effective and meaningful marketing campaigns, give your Online Capital Group a call at (904) 600-3600. Our team of professionals will manage your online presence to help increase your business and exposure to its fullest. Visit our website for more information about the benefits digital marketing has for many different niche industries online.

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