FTC New Fake Review Law Bans False Reviews & Suppression

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Digital marketing exposes your brand to the population of people online that are searching for a product or service they need. It utilizes digital assets to engage possible consumers and offer them value in exchange for their contact or purchase. On the other hand, digital marketing has a darker side full of scams and underhanded tactics for making a quick buck. Essentially, it’s these differences in work ethic that separate quality agencies from the underperformers relying on manipulated outcomes to appear legitimate.

While online presence management experts, like our team here at Online Capital Group, may be able to identify when a campaign or strategy is working behind the scenes to take advantage of the consumer, they are not always so aware. It is for this reason that the Federal Trade Commission outlined earlier this year that it will soon be a crime for companies to publish fake reviews for any products or services. Following the new fake review laws, any online stores, hotels, and restaurants will be charged fines for creating or purchasing fraudulent review information.

Creating or purchasing fake reviews is not the only misleading practice being targeted; suppressing negative reviews and hiding endorsement information are also deceptive practices that cause problems for consumers. The push for these new laws comes during a whole new height of mischievous marketing, since in 2020, data was revealed that indicated that half of all five star reviews online were falsely obtained.

Additionally, the FTC clarifies that any editing or misrepresentation of consumer feedback or opinions left for products violates the law.

The goal is to crack down on bad business practices and scam tactics that take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. With online content, it is easy enough to publish false claims and support them with information that is also unfounded. In some cases, the website or marketing material can be developed and designed to portray an authority that may be false, yet appear as professional as other trusted sources.

You can learn more from the official FTC.gov page, found here.

Alternatively, shady marketing practices reflect poorly on your brand and can simply destroy any trust you may have previously worked to create with your audience. Brands facing a hard time should not rely on misleading moves to increase their exposure or make a sale, for it will ultimately cause more damage than it was worth.

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