Understanding Your Digital Marketing Services

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Understanding what marketing is plays an important part towards beginning your marketing journey. Marketing is more than just the services that make it up, but its a mindset that is formed from a collection of variables- like your brand mission, vision, and philosophy- to communicate with the audience of the world about your product or service. Once you have a grasp on what marketing means, you can then look at the vast digital marketing services offered to decide which will be best for your business and how to orchestrate them together to get the best outcomes.

The following marketing services are a good place to dive into while approaching your marketing journey with a new digital marketing agency:


They are multi-platform designs optimized to communicate your brand to the world, or to a specific niche audience that would really get just what you’re all about.

Brand Identity & Rebranding

Is your brand becoming washed out amongst growing competition? Does your brand need a new voice, or look, to keep interest of your consumers or clients? We will gather together all of your assets and scrub and polish to restore your brand back to its original, shiny self.

Creative Design

Our creative expertise will be the vehicle that drives your business to its ultimate destination as the leading expert/resource in its market. With highly experienced “drivers” and a team that can utilize a clever marketing mix to pave the best road to success for your business.

Public Relations

Our PR team can educate your brand in the social sciences to give it an edge in the conversations and an attractive (even viral!) quality that leave your audiences feeling satisfied with your company’s bottom line. Communicate your new initiative, feelings of appreciation, or update consumers on your project’s progress through well spoken and tasteful press releases, trade articles, and blog posts.

Direct &Promotional Branding

Combine your advertising efforts and targeted promotions for a two part communication method that will directly drive consumers and increase sales.

Crisis & Issue Management

Action is necessary and our quick-thinking, people-savvy team at OCGNow can form a smart and effective strategy to help you immediately pick up the pieces from the hit you took and put it back together again in a way that makes sense.

Strategic Planning & Research

Your vision created a product or service that they will need to fulfill the demand their visions created. No doubt your business provides with purpose, but what is it about what you’ve brought to life that calls customers to buying action?


Our think tank will gather together and collate all of the information gathered back from marketing endeavor reports. We will perform a diagnostic analysis of the feedback we receive from the performance of our services to determine what is working and what is not, as well as how progress is ranking with your competitors.

Media & Public Relations

With the right qualifications, your product/service can achieve spotlight by top selling networks and production companies.

Digital Marketing

You want everyone to know what you have to offer. With the plethora of today’s channels, profiles, accounts, websites, blogs and more, it is crucial that your brand establishes an omni-presence that strikes a pose amidst all the latest mediums, communication methods, and platforms.

Social Media

Bring the vision behind your business into the light of the world of social media. Receive invaluable feedback and establish the sort of loyalty to your brand that will never fade by providing them with engaging and meaningful content, making for a holistic brand experience they will never forget.

Give OCGnow a call at (904) 600-3600 for more information or to begin a venture for your digital marketing services today.