5 Top Tips for Getting To Know Google AdWords Marketing

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Entrepreneur holding a phone to use Google Adwords marketing

There is a very high likelihood you have heard of Google AdWords if you have been doing any research about how to get more SEO traffic. The bottom line is that it can be the most complicated pay-per-click platform in the formative stages, but there is no better platform for the job once you learn to navigate around it. If you are considering using Google AdWords, we have 5 tips you should know about Google AdWords marketing below:

1. Google AdWords allows you to target specific customers.

On Google, every business has something they stand to benefit from at every stage of their buyer’s journey. For example, a simple search on the keyword “cars” will provide a broad list of prospects that are in the early stages of their search. You are then allowed to filter these results based on whatever parameters you consider relevant for your business. This hones your target audience to increase the likelihood of your investment leading to maximum conversions.

2. Google AdWords has the power of intent.

Unlike social media advertising, where most people you will advertise to are not seeking it out, most Google AdWords prospects are solid leads waiting to make a purchase. Everyone is looking for something specific and wants the content that will lead them to their answers.

3. Google AdWords gives you full control of your marketing campaigns. 

The process of buying ad space on Google AdWords makes it easy to start, maintain, and stop campaigns at will. This means you can better allocate resources, avoiding having to jump through loads of red tape to reach as many people as possible.

4. Any budget works with Google AdWords.

Depending on the industry and the value of a click, virtually any budget can work for a Google AdWords marketing campaign. Some will only cost $0.05 per click can and some can cost as high as $1,000 per click! The calculations all come down to the kind of clients you want to attract and how much it costs to reach their demographics.

5. Drive traffic based on your strategy

Running in the same ranks of effectiveness as an attractive landing page, a Google AdWords campaign can do wonders to help maximize your ROI. It will, however, only be as effective as how well your bidding strategy has been created. Our team of professionals has years of experience helping businesses both large and small create highly successful Google Adword marketing campaigns.

If you would like to learn more about creating campaigns that will generate a high ROI for your business, give OCGnow a call today at (904) 600-3600. Don’t overlook the opportunity of broadening your horizons with platforms like Google Adwords that may seem intimidating upfront but can easily become one of the most important tools in your marketing mix. We can help!

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