Top 5 Most Important Pages for Website Design

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Graphic design depicting marketing team discussing most important pages of a website design

Welcome to this article. Chances are, you ended up here with questions about what pages of your website are most important. Are you currently working with a designer on a new website for your brand? Have you had your fill of hearing terms like “parallax” and “anchors” and aren’t sure what these things have to do with helping your customer enjoy your site? Look no further for the answer, as we will outline below the 5 most important pages for website design and what they need to have to best serve your customers. 

1. The Homepage

This page will capture about 80% of the overall traffic your website will get for your brand. There are several questions you will want your homepage to answer for your customer, the #1 question being, “Do I need this?” 

2. Pricing

This page is extremely important for communicating to your customer that your product is meant for them. It will help them determine whether or not they should buy based on a combination of the names of your plans, your prices, and the product features you list here.

3. Features

This page is an extensive look at what the plan you might purchase from the Pricing page has to offer. This is a great place to list the most relevant core benefits of your product that should answer whether or not it solves their problem.

4. About

The primary value of this page is for offering your customer a look into the people behind the product. Generate trust with an About page and let them know that you aren’t going to be a flighty supplier.

5. Blog

Aside from a slew of hefty benefits that blogs can offer for business owners and brand websites, the number one benefit for having a blog on your page (from the customer’s perspective) is to act as a timestamp for your current activity. Gain credibility for having an updated blog instead of having timed out.

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