Tips for a Professional and Engaging Social Media Photograph

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Whether you are building up your brand by yourself, or have chosen to work with a professional agency (Like us here at OCGnow!), getting the best content for your viewers is for the goal of engaging them and ultimately generating the loyalty you want out of your social media campaigns. Aside from a little more costly and laborious video, this can be done with a carefully executed photo. Below you will find some tips for how to craft an enticing and effective social media photograph that will have your followers looking for more.

The first very important tip comes in the form of a question: What are your customer’s aspirations? By aligning your content with the aspirations of your customers, just like you have with your product or service, you will automatically engage them in a place that is meaningful to them. Take pictures that reflect the life moments they aspire to have, and how your product or service can help them achieve that. The content will be irresistible to them, driving them to your content from their motivation that that already exists. The more clearly they can imagine themselves as the subject of the scene in the content you are publishing, the better!

Shooting a brand photo should be considered just as much as the style of the brand itself. By creating a signature look to your photographs, you are letting your potential customers know that, as they scroll through their feed, the image they just saw was from your brand and will grab heir attention. For example, taking all of your shots at the same angle, or with a very similar subject matter or color palette. Providing a unique flair with your images will also claim them as belonging to your brand, and everyone else will catch on quickly.

Lastly, including a symbol of your brand into the photos. A huge brand, like Hootsuite for example, includes a little stuffed owl in their posts. It is the mascot for their brand, and there is no doubt that when you see that cute little fella that Hootsuite, or a really big fan, is the author of the post. Whether it be elegant, obnoxious, or sleek, naturally incorporating a symbolic representation of your brand into every social media photograph is a great way to get great photos for your social media strategies.

If you are looking to increase your impact on your social media communities, give OCGnow a call today at (904) 600-3600 and schedule a free evaluation of your current online presence. Our team of professional brandvocates will help amplify your message to potential customers and leave a strong impression on their experience.

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