OCGnow Answers For Kids: What is Branding?

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Children scribbles depicting the question a kid might ask that what is banding

Have you ever been to McDonalds and saw the big “M” arches on their sign? That is a branding example. According to Webster’s Dictionary, branding is defined as “the promotion of a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand.” But what is Branding exactly? And why is it important? Well, let’s dive into answering those questions more simply.

First, have you have ever seen the character Chester Cheeta or the “Swoosh” symbol for Nike? When you see them what do they remind you of? That’s right, Cheetos and shoes! Branding can be used in the form of names, designs, characters, and even symbols, such as the examples above. Isn’t that crazy how we can see a character like Chester Cheeta and think of food? That is all because of how companies use them to represent their brand!

Second, is branding important? Of course, it is! It can make a huge impact on customers for businesses. For example, how every time you see the “Swoosh” symbol you think of Nike.

Depending on how a company expresses its brand will affect how its customers see them. Branding gives businesses a unique element and lets you know as their customer what to expect.

Let’s recap on what branding is and why it is important. Branding gives businesses a unique element through the form of names, designs, characters, and symbols.

It is important because it lets you know as their customer what to expect and what their business has to offer. Some examples you may know are the big “M” arches for McDonald’s, the character Chester the cheetah for Cheetos, and the “Swoosh” symbol for Nike.

Hopefully, this article has helped answer some of your questions about this digital marketing topic today.
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