The Coronavirus Curve: Digital Marketing to Customers in Quarantine

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Delivery man for digital marketing during quarantine

As we remain hopeful that the COVID-19 quarantines come to an end, the truth is that business has to go on. This is especially true for small businesses as they lack the cash reserves of big organizations to sustain their employees’ wages, among other expenses.

Since the pandemic started, most businesses have had to operate online, and as such digital marketing has emerged as the best way to engage customers and remain relevant despite the circumstances. Instead of keeping radio silent, the following means of digital marketing are being employed by companies to keep meeting their marketing and business objectives.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing capitalizes on people’s mobile usage, their attachment to phones, and the fact that phones are everywhere. Besides the obvious benefit of convenience, mobile marketing allows companies to reach a wider audience. If you want to track the ROI of your marketing campaign, you can simply collect statistics like the click-through-rate (CTR) to craft future outreach plans for efficiency. You will also appreciate mobile marketing for its ability to integrate with and complement existing marketing initiatives.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing technique that works exceptionally well during the Covid pandemic. Emails were the go-to means of communication when work-at-home arrangements were first introduced, and thus it is hard not to leverage them as a marketing channel. It is easy to manage an email marketing campaign since you have direct access to all your clients. Despite this, its success relies heavily on your strategy. Some of the key factors you should consider in developing an email marketing strategy include audience permission, the relevancy of your content, the campaign’s timing, deliverability status, your target market, just to name a few. When in doubt, seeking the help of a certified email marketing specialist, like OCGnow is always a good option.

Social Media Advertising

Small businesses have been the greatest beneficiary of social media marketing. Aside from the fact that this strategy can reach a targeted group of individuals, nearly three-quarters of the American population use social media—it is hard to ignore this statistic in any business strategy. It is an excellent platform to connect with those who already love your brand and draw in new fans. To execute efficiently, you need creativity and a solid strategy. Luckily, companies like OCGnow exist to make your work easier.

The bottom line is if you are yet to ramp up your digital marketing strategy to suit the current situation, now is definitely the time to do that. If you need more clarity or specific action points for any of the digital marketing strategies discussed above, reach out to us at OCGnow at (904) 600-3600, and one of our digital marketing specialists will guide you through the next steps.

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