Business Communication is Crucial for Success

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Whether you are a small business owner or a well-to-do business owner, your communication and that of your company involves a constant flow of information that is vital to growth and success. Business communication is always goal oriented, and for it to operate successfully, this goal-oriented communication needs to convey core company values, policies, and regulations with a firm understanding of everyone’s positions.

Making communication one of the key elements and main factors in orientation and a part of everyday business model can improve many areas in your business.

Leadership communication directly correlates with how engaged employees are, as shown in Ragan’s research on employee engagement. Internal communication teams have a very important role in supporting, coaching, and reminding leaders of communication’s importance. How leaders talk to their employees’ effects how engaged they’re employees are and overall attitude in the workplace. For example, if employees feel appreciated, through communication, then they might be better apt to want to create good work.

An increase in employee productivity is shown with good communication. 4 out of 5 employees believe that effective business communication improves their job performance. Rightly so, if employees are wasting time trying to get on the same page with a project, then they will not be as productive. If employees are getting caught up in arguments or power struggles, this distracts from work and in turn, effects productivity.

Reducing employee turnover is an effect of good communication in your business. Happy employees stay, and they won’t stay if they aren’t being informed about information that is pertinent to their jobs. On the flip side, too much irrelevant information can lead to stress, and frustration due to information overload.

Communication increases knowledge sharing, and this is important in a growing company. A key aspect of a business’ growth is collaboration, with excellent back and forth knowledge sharing. Bouncing ideas off of each other, working together and brainstorming increases everybody’s knowledge base and brings great ideas into the company.

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