What You Can Learn From A Search Engine Marketing Blog

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At its face, blogging is an entertaining practice with a lot of potential. Readers are drawn to learn all kinds of new things while making a connection with an author that keeps them looking forward to the next post. Writers can utilize the outlet to express their viewpoints or creativity and continue to engage with communities that share their same interests. It is a well-oiled machine that can pretty naturally keep itself running simply from the fuel of the flames of growing audiences.

Believe it or not, blogs are also highly functional for business purposes, and we don’t just mean for writing about business! Behind all that cool stuff you are writing or reading about is a whole additional system of information at work. It is called search engine marketing and is used by countless businesses for gaining a competitive edge online to gain the most exposure possible, ultimately leading to more and more sales.

If you were to look for a “search engine marketing blog” you would be met with blogs that provide information about search engine marketing. It’s not the topic that makes the blog, however, for a blog with a central focus on, say, the many different types of fungi could also be working as a highspeed search engine marketing blog highway!

The foundation for such a system lies in the highly technical structure of the blog. The number of words the posts contain, the number of keywords present in each post, and the invisible words embedded into the images in the posts are all extremely important. This is because search engines read our content much differently than the average reader does.

They are constantly calculating and measuring if the content fits the bill of information they can present to people making searches on the internet as “legitimate” and “relevant” content. This is done through algorithms that search engine companies develop based on research gathered from how their users search and consume information. In other words, if you want your content to rank with the top search results provided to your audience through popular search engines (and you should!), investing in a properly marketed blog is key.

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