What Is Small Business Week and How Should I Promote My Business? 

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If you’re new to the Small Business Week experience, you may be wondering how this event can benefit your small business. There are many ways to take advantage of Small Business Week, like securing a guest post from a prominent blogger or influencer and promoting your business through social media, for example. Additionally, the conclusion of this article features some popular resources to promote your small business during this event. To begin, you can learn more about how the small business week came to be!

History of Small Business Week

Small businesses are an integral part of the American economy, and Small Business Week was formed as an opportunity to highlight their importance. The week long event encourages communities to support their local entrepreneurs and small businesses. Historically, small businesses have been the backbone of our economy, creating an estimated 1.5 million jobs per year. Today, there is a significant increase in the number of young people starting their own businesses, at a staggering 188% higher rate than in 1970!

President Lyndon B. Johnson first mentioned the SBA during Small Business Week in 1965. The SBA’s roots date all the way back to 1932, when it was known as the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Several predecessor organizations emerged during World War II as well as the Korean War, and the Small Buisness Act was established. As the nation’s chief agency for small businesses, the SBA offers advice and programs to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

How Business Owners Benefit From Small Business Week

Small business owners are celebrated throughout the U.S. every year during National Small Business Week. In actuality, small businesses employ half of the private sector’s workforce! The focus of this week is on the resilience of these businesses and the people that persevere everyday to run them. The Small Business Administration sponsors several events to celebrate the efforts of small businesses and remind them of the FTC’s role in protecting them in today’s tough economic climate. During National Small Business Week, many small businesses offer their employees and customers special deals or bundles of services or discounts.

One of the best ways to celebrate small businesses is to create a marketing campaign. Small business owners can focus on promoting their local business, which will benefit their bottom line. They can use Small Business Week to highlight the advantages of shopping locally and the uniqueness of their products. This campaign often extends beyond the month of May for celebrating small business success. By making a point to highlight their local involvement, small business owners can create a lasting impression on their customers.

Popular resources for small business week

From your local coffee shop to an online cafe, there is a business for everyone’s tastes. The SBA recognizes 28 million small businesses nationwide and aims to inform future entrepreneurs of available resources. For example, the SBA’s website contains lots of quality information for small business owners at no cost, including how to get government contracts, secure loans, and more. Ultimately, the success of local businesses is driven by the passion of customers in the area about their industry.

In addition to local small business organizations, you can attend free educational webinars to learn how to grow and maintain a successful company. Participating in online chats with other small business owners is a great way to become more familier with the entrepreneurial culture and learn new things. The Small Business Administration’s website provides access to a virtual summit where business owners can learn about the latest programs and services that they offer for enriching businesses. The Virtual Summit features presentations and information on retooling for small business owners, as well as updates on newer small business resources.

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