The Importance Of Online Reputation Monitoring

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This article is a part of the series Becoming Successful Digitally by OCGnow’s Chief Operations Manager Joshua Lampright. To read the previous article in the seriesvisit How Effective Are Video Marketing Strategies? Today we are going to look at the top five reasons why online reputation monitoring is important.

Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

Remember when you were in school, and your teacher gave you a test to see what you did or did not know so they could have a baseline of the class? Today, there are so many ways to engage with your client that it is easy to understand how you can miss the fundamentals of communicating with large audiences. Through online reputation monitoring and management, the guesswork can be taken out of the whole process.

Word of Mouth is Trusted

Back in the day, there was a saying: “Word travels fast”. There is no previous time that this was more true than today. Imagine you tell 100 of your followers about how they can save loads of money on something, and they tell as little as 3 of their friends, and so on. You would quickly reach large groups of people, right? What if you made a mistake and needed to make a correction after your content was posted to your 100 followers?

You can’t expect everyone down the line to make a retraction. Because your word is taken as truth, it is most important to make your message count right off the bat. Many of the great PR and Marketing firms will no doubt double verify and check their statements for accuracy.

Automation is Unreliable

Ever get a robotic text or been called by a person that sounds real, but has a preset answer for everything. You were most likely talking to a lifelike robot. Google tried its hand at this with some success, but most fall flat on their face. As humans, we are hard-wired to detect things that we don’t realize upfront are wrong. This makes it pretty easy to spot a counterfeit, and the same goes for your clients. Even the common chatbot is only good for so much.

Identify New Channels

Now we are sure you are a man or woman that has the aptitude to think like your customers, but are you truly engaging that way of thinking? Clients needs change day to day as new generations enter both the workforce and buyer’s market. Us company owners grow accustomed to these new people, but we don’t have to go extinct like the dinosaurs. Bring in new ideas and fresh approaches to new generations of problems can be revitalization your company needs.


Who better to tell you how to do better than a nonbiased third party? How about a nonbiased third party with experience in successfully repairing brands, full product solutions, and on-staff Think Tank sessions? OCGnow helps you identify your weaknesses and helps build an improvement plan to implement on behalf of you. Once your business is back on track, we will work as the guard rails that prevent you from slipping off.

Your ever-changing business is unique and demands a dynamic response for an impressive online reputation. When done effectively, you will see growth, development, and improvement. As long as you stick with it, you will be able to harness the benefits of your online reputation monitoring.

As always, if you find yourself biting off more than you can chew, OCGnow is ready to jump in to help take control of your online presence. Call or text us at (904) 600-3600, visit our website at, Nashville’s premium full solutions company for Marketing, Creative Design, Print, Web Design, Analytics, Networking, PR, and Crisis Management.

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