How to Properly Market A Now Hiring Campaign

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Most hiring campaigns begin with a generic job description. However, you can use marketing techniques to create a unique value proposition for your jobs that will help them stand out from the rest. For example, McDonald’s uses value propositions to differentiate itself from other hamburger companies in the market. Unlike many other hamburger companies, they also utilize creative ads in their campaigns to catch the interest of intriguing candidates.

Create A Value Proposition For A Job

When creating your job descriptions, you need to make sure that you are focusing on the benefits of working for your company. A great way to do this is to include a value proposition that tells people what they will get from working for you, highlighting their takeaways for spending their time and effort investing in your company. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, as well as make your job sound interesting and exciting.

To create a value proposition, start by making a list of the required skills and accomplishments. You can make it short or long, but it should be focused on specific skills and abilities that potential candidates can relate to or identify easily. Generally, you want to make a list of three to five strengths that will prove relevant to the position. Make sure that the list contains specific keywords from the job description.

In addition to the benefits, you should also consider the pain points of your company. Describing the goals your company has, as well as revealing the areas that need support for being able to achieve them, can help candidates internalize the purpose they can serve for driving your company.  What do you need to accomplish or solve? What is their biggest hurdle with delivering your product or service? If a candidate can help meet these needs, it will be much easier for them to identify with your value proposition and stake a personal claim in working towards the same goal.

After creating a value proposition, it is important to understand how your target market perceives your products and services. Customers evaluate businesses on the basis of their own needs and those of their competitors. Value propositions must clearly communicate what sets your company apart from the competition.

Target Your Content to Specific Audiences

Before creating any content for your Now Hiring campaign, you should clearly define your target audiences. The target audience can be defined in several different ways, including demographics, personality types, and followings. Knowing who you’re talking to and what drives them to perform their best is critical to the success of your campaign.

In addition to demographics, you should also know what type of content your target audience responds to. Use Google Analytics to track which content gains most traction with specific groups. Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can deliver content geared to what motivates them and elicits a response. Make sure to keep track of the number of people who have viewed your content and measure the results.

The content you create should provide your audience with genuine value. For example, it should assure them of the new skills they will learn/develop or explain how working for your company will benefit them. For best results, make your content interactive. Give them enough information to assimilate with the position within the company with the ability to respond or possibly complete a quiz for representing their personality. It will boost your conversion rates and make your campaign easier to manage.

In addition to creating and sharing your Now Hiring campaign content, you can also create and run targeted ads. These ads work similar to Facebook’s advertising. You can select a target audience by choosing an objective, and then narrow down the audience by adding additional criteria. And finally, you can set the schedule for your ad to try and reach potential candidates during times they would be off of work and thinking of the new job they want to take.

How Your Online Capital Group Can Help

If your business is looking to hire more candidates, turning to digital marketing techniques can help keep the inquiries coming! Creating a campaign with the proper content, optimized ads, and calculated target audience can create a job posting that can deliver the results your company needs. 

For more information, give us a call at (904) 600-3600 and request details on how we can help your company succeed in its hiring endeavors for moving forward. 

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