Choose Professional Website Migration To Avoid Errors

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There are many reasons to consider a website migration. The need could arise from a website redesign or purchasing a new domain for your company. It could come about that you are switching hosting providers or website builders, if you have made your website yourself. Whatever the case may be, there are also several reasons to consider hiring professional website migration in order to avoid some costly problems. Here are a few below:

1. Losing Authority

Authority, when it comes to your website, refers to the weight it pulls when it comes to search engine optimization. This is largely in part due to the quantity and quality of the links to your site and how they improve your search engine rankings as well as your overall traffic. This can be avoided using properly implemented URL redirects.

2. Mobile Optimization is Muddled

Since mobile device use has greatly increased, Google ranks both the Primary and the Mobile versions of your site. During the migration some of the settings that make your responsive structure crawlable as well as indexable can become compromised. This will also leave the user with an undesirable website experience.

3. Totaling Your Tracking Codes

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Adwords…the collection of tracking codes that are hooked up to your website can get lost in translation during migration is not properly maintained. If a new contact form or submission page is created during a redesign and has not been implemented with previous tracking structures, your analytics will be ineffectual. 

4. Lost Sitemap Status

Google utilizes a sitemap from your website to have a birds-eye view of the structure of your site as well as whether or not it is up to date. They are also handy for visitors to your site to be able to navigate quickly with no added stress. A proper migration will maintain the connection between Google and your sitemap to ensure this has not been negatively affected. 

These are some of the most common problems that can occur from a site migration that is being monitored and executed without the assistance of professional website migration. If you are facing a redesign project or another task that requires migrating your site, give OCGnow a call at (904) 600-3600 for a wide variety of website services and to set your Online Presence up right.