Apple Privacy Changes and Targeted Advertisements, Now What?

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Apple Privacy Changes Targeted Advertisements

The topic of privacy on the web has had a steadily increasing level of activity. Advocates are creating browsers (nod to DuckDuckGo) dedicated to preserving your privacy online, keeping ad trackers and the like at bay while you browse. In April of last year, Apple decided to make changes to its privacy policy in response to this increasing awareness. While a large population of users is feeling protected during this change, a whole population of marketing and advertising experts are feeling some heat on their opportunity to perform for their clients.

Apple privacy changes were made to their phone operating system, iOS. The changes implemented a stop on ads from tracking users online unless they otherwise gave permission for the trackers. As one might expect, most people embraced the barrier between them and the trackers, while only 18% of online users in the US opted in for advertisements to track their searching and purchasing choices.

While this may be received as a win for average online users, marketing agencies and advertisers are being affected negatively. The update has brought on more of a handicap for their work in the industry. This is because the services they provide rely heavily on user-generated data such as their search terms and previous purchases. This makes it possible for advertisements to be targeted to their wants and needs for a higher chance of making a sale for their clients.

Facebook, now branded as Meta, has one of the largest advertising services that are among those suffering monetary loss from the changes. Due to the sudden inability to provide accurate data for necessary conversions after Apple privacy changes, both consumers and advertising investors alike have taken a hit. February brought on a drop in their stock price by a never before seen 27% decrease, for example. Lawsuits are being filed with claims that Meta reassured investors with inaccurate projections that the financial impact of the changes would be “manageable”. This description did not match up of course to the nearly $10 billion that was lost in ad revenue as a result.

Advertising executed from other strategies, like identifying a user’s general topics of interest to advertise to, is continuing to generate profit. Marketing campaigns designed for large events and brand awareness are also seeing a healthy return on investment. It appears that wherever consumer privacy and targeted marketing strategies meet, this kind of clash will be produced.

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