3 Industries for Small Business Marketing that are Booming, Despite the Pandemic

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Woman shopping with a mask on depicting business marketing trends

While many companies are reeling from the effects of the pandemic, you will be surprised to know that some are actually turning a profit, and business marketing is booming. The future of small businesses during the covid pandemic has been mostly bleak. However, among the rubble of the many failed, these industries (and companies) have come up to the surprise of many. Let’s jump in.

Cleaning Industry

If online industry trends are anything to go by, then investing in the cleaning industry may seem odd. However, since most of the coronavirus rhetoric revolves around maintaining high hygiene standards, cleaning companies were just ripe to scoop big cash. A prime example is UniStar, a Manchester-based cleaning company that had to hire additional employees due to an increase in demand for cleaning services. With increasing demand comes improved profitability.

Utility companies

With most people at home, demand for utilities such as gas, water, sewage removal, or electricity is at an all-time high. It is for this reason that utility companies have embarked on digital marketing campaigns to encourage resource consumption. If you have recently received a text message or an email telling you to close the tap or shut down the lights when you are not using them, that’s the perfect example of digital marketing.

Delivery services

During the pandemic, the number of delivery companies has more than doubled. This is an incredible stat considering many businesses have been chocked and decimated by the pandemic. However, this comes as no surprise, given that most people have barely been leaving their homes. Be it nationwide or local delivery, these companies are experiencing a surge in their demand. Take the produce delivering company FarmBox Direct, for instance. According to founder Ashley Tyrner, by March 14, 2020, barely more than a month since the U.S. declared a public health crisis, her company began doubling its sales by the day!

Wrapping Up

Despite uprooting our lives, the Covid-19 pandemic presents new opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to propel themselves to the next level. If you’ve always hoped to start a business one day and become your own boss, delivering a service in any of these three industries is a good place to start. Once you’ve set up your company, don’t forget to back it up with a killer digital marketing strategy. Trust us, you’re going to need an online presence to succeed in today’s technologically immersed world.

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