What Does OCGnow Stand For?

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OCGnow logo for digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies look to market their business and get leverage on their competition just like the clients they represent. The clutter of buzzwords, processes, and dynamics in the world of marketing all serve as a way to declare how your agency is the best. What they do with these variables while they are advertising their digital marketing offers can differ.

Mixing and matching tools and philosophies to achieve the best return is no doubt what makes an agency that runs with the big dogs, right? We believe the upper hand can be found with the idea that success is about a much more simple approach. The approach of OCGnow is a very simple one indeed, and all of the variables of this approach are found directly in the namesake of our agency:

O – The O stands for Online

Being a digital marketing company, we wouldn’t get very far if our main focus was on anything other than reaching our client’s customers online. This is the framework of our company, however, the word Online delivers the most meaning when it serves the next principle in our name:

C – The C stands for Capital

Capital: “Wealth the owner has accumulated in the form of money or other assets.” The key here lies in the assets. It does not matter where the assets have come from. If they are acting as a form of investment towards the well being of your business, they are functioning as your capital. We identify these assets as your website, social media following, or even an established brand. Again, the capital we focus on exists online, and can grow to be as infinite as we can create it!

G – The G stands for Group

This word represents the many individuals that make up the driving force behind OCGnow. From Think Tank testimonies to creative teams to communication specialists, our agency is a powerhouse that runs on a fuel of collaboration and communication. Two heads are better than one, and, well, we can say there are a significant amount more heads on our team than two.


This phrase refers directly to our philosophy here at OCGnow that we will either Do It or Pursue It. We Do It in the fastest possible way (while maintaining quality outcomes), or we Pursue the nearest sensical opportunity to get it done. Once we are given the green light, we won’t accept roadblocks as the end of the road.

So there you have it. The rhyme to our reason. No need to educate you on our particular marketing style, type, or dialect. When you boil it all down, it is the quality of the agency-client relationship that counts. To learn more, give us a call at (904) 600-3600. You can also check out the benefits of digital marketing on our website at OCGnow.com.

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