These Website Design Trends Are Still Dominating in 2022

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A professional website design agency will be hard-pressed to find success without being current on user interface and design trends! We review the fundamentals of web design before experimenting with some of the newest contemporary trends, so you don’t have to! 

Website design experts, like those at your Online Capital Group, have disseminated the information you might not be aware of that will be helpful when developing your website. These aspects include the user interface, navigation, and load times. However, utilizing top website design trends while developing them can really help your efforts go a long way with your audience. Check out some of these popular trending design elements for websites below:


Many businesses strive for a straightforward, minimalist style to maintain a clean look and keep their user’s experience at the forefront:

  • Start by restricting the color palette on your website to no more than five.
  • Then, select easily readable fonts and limit the number of font combinations to three.
  • Last but not least, the picture you employ should convey the essence of your business. Avoid using too many images, as you can clutter up your minimalistic theme.

A Single-Page Website

As mentioned above, one of the essential components of top-notch site designs is simplicity. Having all of your website’s material on one page is the greatest approach to greatly simplify it.

One-page websites have the potential to increase brand recognition since they allow you to present all necessary information in one bout of scrolling. This provides an excellent user experience without requiring visitors to go between pages.

Color Schemes in Black and White

Simple yet attractive color palettes using only black and white are on the rise. Black and white contrast is one of the most striking visual effects you can use on your website.

Because it will be simple for visitors to read, a black-and-white website design can help your website stand out on any screen. This color combination is ideal for simple designs that want to primarily draw attention to the content.

Boosting User Experience With Animations

Numerous current web design trends incorporate distinct animations. Web designers will concentrate on micro-interactions in 2022 with the goal of maximizing usability and enhancing user experience.

Designers will create innovative scrolling experiences packed with fascinating animations. 

Essentially, these animations focus on using a unique and surprising technique to grab the user’s attention. Designers might choose, for instance, to emphasize typography without distracting the reader with subtle yet attractive animations. The team of professionals at your Online Capital Group will be happy to assist you if you are looking to offer a stellar user experience on your website.

Elements of Art Deco

The resurgence of art deco themes in online design is one of the most interesting trends this year. Interior and architectural design patterns were originally applied in these fields. Given that art deco is linked to luxury and high-quality goods, we anticipate it to become more popular than ever.

Art Deco-inspired curved lines and repeated graphic shapes will be the foundation of many branding components, including logos, images, fonts, and even borders. Bold lines, simplicity, and symmetry are also extremely likely to play a major role.

Now What About Your Brand?

It is anticipated that a number of these trending design styles will fundamentally alter the way websites look. It takes experience and a thorough knowledge of the industry to keep up with all these changes and ensure that your website continues to provide the best customer experience.

For more information about how your website can stay up to date with modern design trends, be redesigned to catch up to them, or to ask about receiving a brand new website design, give your Online Capital Group a call today at (904) 600-3600!

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