The Benefits of Call Tracking

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Person holding a phone depicting the benefits of call tracking

This article is a part of the series Becoming Successful Digitally by OCGnow’s Chief Operations Manager Joshua Lampright. To read the previous article in the series, visit 24/7 Marketing Support & Industry Leadership.

The top 6 benefits of call tracking:

Sometimes it is hard to put your finger on the ROI of a product or solution when the metrics can’t be recorded. Whether it’s bad planning and implementation, or a simple lack of know how, you can get yourself back on track. This can be done by obtaining a number from a call tracking website like that of Companies like Call Rail add layers of accountability to any campaign, along with the benefits of call tracking.

How does it work, you might ask? First, you sign up and get a phone number that redirects calls to your main line (if you want a discount and help managing your Call Rail account, contact us for the coupon). Once your phone is configured, you are ready to start some A/B testing. Build your landing pages and plug in the number, it’s that easy.

As the calls come in, they are recorded and saved for your internal use later. Things that you can learn from reviewing those calls are what times of day that campaign is most effective, the quality of your employee’s communication, and ultimately put a price per lead. Whether in the hands of a novice or a pro, you will find benefits of call tracking that give you the competitive edge you need to make informed marketing decisions.

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