Businesses Helping Others Gain During A Time of Loss

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The ever-growing presence of the Coronavirus today is causing both loss and gain in the lives of people all across the world. These measures can not only be seen in the health of the people, but also that of the economy they are a part of. Many businesses are closing their doors for the final time as they struggle during these times of social distancing while others are flourishing. The following niche businesses helping others, albeit most likely unexpected, have received a high influx of customers purchasing their product or service for convenience, utility, or having a certain necessity met while their lives are being adjusted during quarantine.

Telemedicine Companies & Telehealth Providers

The opportunity for these companies to expand their reach to customers is growing exponentially during these times of remaining in our homes and limiting social interaction, especially in health facilities where people that are potentially infected come to seek help.

Health Monitoring Products & Softwares

There is still a lot of information and data being collected about the Coronavirus and the negative affect it has on people’s health. Whether the analytics are being formed for thousands of sick individuals or you are a mother looking to identify any changes in your children’s health, there are monitoring products out there that can help and are recently being more highly prized.

Health Consciousness & Awareness Products

Apps and wearable devices exist that serve the main purpose of making people more aware of habitual practices like fingernail biting or pulling their hair. Such products can be used, and are being programmed by their creators, for helping people remember and be more aware of important COVID-19 precautions such as avoiding touching their face.

Virtual Service Providers & Conferencing

The internet was born from a means to communicate with one another in 1983, and is the #1 means of use today, 37 years later. How very important of a time is it to communicate with one another virtually right now! Companies as big as Microsoft and as small as Friday are experiencing an increase of usage and are reaching out to support communication via videoconferencing and virtual event hosting to keep the world turning when things could otherwise easily grow stagnant.

Is your business undergoing hardship due to the social changes brought about by the Coronavirus? Before you decide to pull the plug on your source of income, consider how adaptable your business can also be, especially those businesses helping others! Give your Online Capital Group a call at (904) 600-3600 today to discuss possible solutions for getting your business on board with and promote the current trends to keep you successfully gaining customers.